Missions Supported

Missionaries, whether here in the U.S or around the world, provide a strong and vital means of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Feel free to familiarize yourself with them, pray for them and for the mission set before them.

Missions We Support:

Anderson, Tim and Deborah - Ecuador
Email Address: tim.anderson@agmd.org

Blackstone, Sarah - Japan (A/G)

Bradbury, Ray - Argentina (A/G)

Care Net Pregnancy Center - Albion, N.Y.

Christian Friends of Israel - Charlotte, N.C.

Decesare Parajuli, Christina - India

DeMartino, Richard and Jennifer - Mexico
Email Address: richard.demartino@agmd.org


Hook, Michael and Christina - Scotland
Email address: mike.hook@agmd.org

Linneweh, Kent and Leslie - The Netherlands
Email Address: kent.linneweh@agmd.org
Web Address: www.thelinnewehs.com

McCarthy, Steve and Jill - Uruguay
Work Phone Number: 518-636-6716
Email Address: steve.mccarthy@agmd.org
Web Address: www.mccarthymission.com

New Missions Systems International - Somalia

NY Brooklyn Teen Challenge
444 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238 USA
Work Phone Number: 718.789.2022
Fax Number: 718.789.1439
Email Address: intake@teenchallengebrooklyn.com
Web Address: www.teenchallengebrooklyn.com

NY Buffalo Teen Challenge
124 Locust St, Buffalo, NY 142041246 USA
Work Phone Number: 716.855.0602
Fax Number: 888.215.5987
Email Address: admin@litcny.org
Web Address: ww.tcwny.org

Nutter, Terry - Elim Fellowship - Ghana, W. Africa

Orleans County Christian School - Medina, N.Y.

Richardson, Deanna - Thailand (A/G)

Seler, Denny and Debby - Costa Rican Language School, CA.
Email Address: denny.seler@agmd.org

Spencer, Eric and Amy - The Congo
Email Address: eric.spencer@agmd.org

University of Valley Forge - Phoenixville, PA.

Valerie, Rev. Dolph - Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indes, Domenica