Calvary Tabernacle

Ministry Opportunities


These are our most urgent needs.  If you are interested in helping with one of our other ministries not listed here, please see the leader of that ministry.

Leaders are listed on the "Church Ministries" page.  New volunteers are always welcome!


Share the love of Jesus!

Pastor Iorio is searching for teams of 2-3 people who will go on a monthly visit to

Lockport Cares Homeless Shelter.  "Snack & Share the Love of Jesus" is held each

evening at the shelter at 7:30pm.  Each team that attends brings a snack and shares

the love of Jesus with residents by testimony and/or music.  See Pastor Iorio to take

advantage of this opportunity or call the church office for more information.


Visitor callers, reception workers and gift delivery teams are still needed.

See Pastor Iorio about this opportunity or call the church office!


Filming, Sound and Projection.

Media volunteers needed for Sunday morning services!  We need camera operators,

sound booth managers and projector managers to be added to the rotation. 

See Nova for more information.  Responsible teens welcome!  Training will be provided!


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